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Bionic Fitness introduces the AbStar® Core Trainer

Safe, effective core exercise for only $42.95.

Ships already inflated and ready to use!

Bionic Fitness introduces the patented AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer, safer, more versatile and more effective than an exercise or stability ball.

Bionic Fitness created the AbStar Core Trainer’s unique, patented rounded-star design which offers multiple hold positions for versatile exercise options. It’s great for abs and core training, full-body workouts, physical therapy, stretching and strength, and circuit training.

From Bionic Fitness, the AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer is safer and more effective than an exercise or stability ball.

With its low-rise and non-slip base, the inflatable AbStar Core Trainer is safer and more effective than an exercise, Swiss or stability ball. Anti-burst, 400 lb. rating.

Bionic Fitness introduces the patented AbStar AIR Core fitness Trainer, a great home fitness device to help you strengthen your core and tone your entire body.
Only ten inches high, twenty inches in diameter, and 3.5 lbs., one size fits all.

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Our first home exercise product, the patented AbStar Core Trainer, is now available! Learn more our AbStar brand.

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